by celeste

My ceramics are about you & me, connected to nature.

The constant symbiosis is my source of inspiration. Culture, rituals, philosophy, dreams, balance are coming in and fade away like waves into expression.

Clay & ash
With Japanese techniques I create limited editions and unique one of kinds. The clay comes from different areas in Japan. Also from Ishigaki island. For my handmade Japanese glazes I do extensive research and most of them are Japanese glazes made from ash of natural origin.

My ceramics are fired in oxidation or reduction environment on high stoneware temperatures. The kiln/oven was shipped from main island Japan, Seto, to my atelier in Ishigaki island. This was quite an operation. Seto is one of the 6 ancient kiln villages in Japan. Nowadays it`s still a pottery village with many people and businesses connected to pottery production.

The kiln is built by a Japanese kiln master from Seto. His craftsmanship is part of his family for many generations. He could be the last generation, because he doesn’t have a successor. Unfortunately this is what happens now with generations of craftsmen in Japan.

The good thing is, that the appreciation for handmade products is increasing. People value the skills, the dedication and artistic sensitivity needed in order to create. Through my work, I`d like to pay tribute -although small- to the craftsmen of today and the past.

My memoirs about beautiful places in Japan, we came across ourselves, could be a nice read if you`re about to plan a trip to Japan. Also if you’d like to know more about Japanese pottery. Most of my posts are in Dutch, which I hope to translate in future.

The Yaeyama islands
The Yaeyama islands, where we live, are the lush tropical side of Japan. Discoveryaima.com is our English travel website to help you find your travel information. We are certified & registered landoperator and offer private concierge services for businesses and holiday consults for travellers.

Film & media
With our company we create promotional films, short documentaries and videos for brands, hotel/resorts, governments, arts&crafts, tourism organisations, etc. For more info, Sakishima films

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