Purikura photo booth

by celeste

Deze post heb ik geschreven tijdens mijn eerste kennismaking met Japan in 2014. Inmiddels is mijn website vernieuwd, maar het leek me leuk om mijn oude posts te bewaren en een kijkje te geven in de stappen die ik gezet heb. Vanuit een moeilijke tijd, een sprong in het diepe met angsten, nieuwe ontdekkingen en ervaringen, blijdschap, wederom afscheid, liefde, vriendschap, avontuur en creativiteit. Sorry, deze post is nog niet vertaald in het Nederlands.


Although fun is guaranteed in Japan, Purikura will give you some crazy laughing pastime up on that.

How does Purikura work?
Inside the purikura building you can choose among different photo booths. Try one for bigger eyes, whiten the skin, sexy lips or one where you can wear some funny wigs or rabbit ears. Maybe it’s typical something for girls, but we also saw a couple all dressed up having fun together. Why not? Throw some money in the machine and after that you have to follow some steps inside and outside the booth. Before your actual photo is printed, stress will take over because everything is in Japanese and in a certain time. Let yourself go :-D!

Inside the pericura

Inside the purikura

Be creative in your poses and animal ears. Or bring some stuff yourself. You can even dry your hair or straighten it inside some purikura buildings.

Me trying a wig

Me trying a wig

After the shoot you have to run outside the booth (feels like a ticking time bomb ) and you have to start editing the pictures together with your friends…in Japanese. Put some lipstick on, a moustache, some funny words, nerdy glasses. In the meantime you can listen to your own chosen back ground music. Before time is up, don’t forget to email yourself the pictures.


This is our result:

Our pericura result

Our purikura result

We got¬†addicted…







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Eva 09/09/2014 - 20:30

Leuk, die apparaten mogen ze hier ook neer planten!!

Celeste 09/09/2014 - 22:18

Ja he? En dan onszelf lekker uitleven!


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